About Mariya

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Mariya Spoconi is the artistic director of Mariya Interior Decor, and runs the business with her partner Eugene Spoconi.

She holds a degree from the Engineering & Construction Institute where she studied architecture, drafting and building design. Soaking in the beauty and elegance of a European city built by a Russian czar, she soon decided to change her professional practice, and shortly after completed a college course in sewing and pattern making. She has recently attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She also participates in national window treatment conferences on an annual basis.

Having been active in fashion design for twenty years, Mariya decided to change her practice, this time in America. She started “dressing up” windows. Having worked in large and well known workrooms in Manhattan, first as a seamstress, then as a cutter and supervisor, she kept growing by opening her own studio, first in New York City, and now in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, FL. offering her extensive experience and unique style to designers and individuals looking for the best fabric treatments in interior décor.

Mariya Interior Décor already had the honor of working with many great designers such as A. Cochran, B. Balk, J. Barman, J. Levi, C. Delany, D. Romualdez, S. Bune, R. Shade, P. Moraro, Gary Paul and others.

Mariya worked on projects for celebrities such as R. Lauren, T. Hilfiger, J. Seymour, Starr Jones, L. Neeson and the Rockefeller family; and for TV shows such as “Sex & The City”, “The Sopranos”, etc. Here in Florida we have been involved in a showcase project at River House in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, and decorated the homes and yachts of many famous people.

Her work has been published in “Living” by Martha Stewart, “Traditional Home”, “House Beautiful”, “House & Garden”, “Boca Raton” and “Glamour”.

Mariya has decorated the departments and showrooms of “Bloomingdales”, “ABC”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Pierre Deux”, “Holly Hunt” and the “D&D Building”.

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