Trade Secrets

It’s obvious that you will only be able to judge the quality of our products after you place your order. But until then, we would like to share a few little trade secrets that are a sign of high-end workmanship.

  • All joined seams on face fabric & lining fabric should match.
  • All unlined window treatments (such as drapes, shades, etc) are sewn with French seams.
  • Leading edge of the drape is always tucked.
  • If the drape is made from a thin fabric & has interlining, then we would usually put an additional piece of interlining inside the bottom hem and keep it in by an invisible hand stitch.
  • To make pencil pleats fuller, we add a piece of interlining between the lining & the smart tape.
  • We always match patterns on all our products.
  • We never sew the trim through all layers of fabric (only on the face layer).

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